Suharto Kamir is a registered nurse by profession, a doctor of medicine undergrad, and a travel photographer enthusiast. He started traveling when he graduated college discovering for the first time the wanderlust in him. Since then, in between academic months and semestral breaks, he always make it a point to go somewhere he hasn’t been. Chase those sunrise and sunsets, take a little laid-back time to appreciate the place, and capture those picture-perfect moments, if only to satisfy his own impulses. It was not until late quarter of 2015 when he dared put up this blog site intended to share his own travel guides of the places he had been to.

Currently, he is located in Dubai. And no, he did not quit medicine to travel. He reckons it is something he can hopefully finish in the later part of his life. 😀


Tsetse flies, or sometimes spelled as Tzetze, are biting flies commonly inhabiting the tropical part of Africa. They are known to be the vector transmitting the parasite responsible for the Human Sleeping Sickness. The transmitted parasite, once it turned into a full-blown infection in a human body, will have the capability to cross the brain and disrupt body systems particularly the sleep-wake cycle. What happens is either you’ll have a hard time waking up or you will have periods of wakefulness.

These flies are my personal metaphor of traveling. It felt as though I have been bitten and the ‘infection’ is actively breeding inside of me doing something crazy over my head that I can’t put my hand off it. Not that it’s a bad thing, though. If you come to think of it, the idea is just the same with the concept of a ‘travel bug’. My version is just a little bit ancient, medical and unheard of. 😉

For any comments, suggestions, questions or whatever you may want to tell me, just feel free to do so. HAPPY and SAFE TRAVELS!



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