Matur Suksma, BALI!

May 2016: Photoblog

If you would ask people who have gone and visited the country of Indonesia, you would probably hear them say there’s so much more to Indonesia than just Bali. Yes, that is TRUE. With roughly around 18,000 islands making up their whole country, you will never run out of places to visit. In fact, one of the major reasons I embarked on this trip, is found not in the island of Bali, but in Labuan Bajo where the Komodo Dragons are inhabiting.  But seriously, who would want to miss a trip to Bali? Bali is Indonesia, and most often than not, people always think of Bali whenever they are planning a trip to this particular country, especially first timers.

Featured on this entry are some of my photos, roughly summarizing up my 3-day stay in Bali – probably one, if not the most, popular tourist destination in Indonesia.


I was only able to cover Uluwatu, Ubud and a side-trip to Tanah Lot for the whole 3-day trip.



Uluwatu Beach is one of the many surfing spots on this side of the island, making it a place to go for the surfers and enthusiasts. But if you are no surfer, just like me, there’s a resto atop where you can indulge for a can of beer with this view, of course. The place is just peacefully  beautiful.


You can’t miss the tour on the  Uluwatu Temple. It is one of the highlights of Uluwatu. Photo taken from its other side.


Just beware of the monkeys (there are several of them) on your way to the top. They snatch food, glasses, caps or anything within their reach.


The Uluwatu Temple from afar. If you’re lucky enough, you could catch a sunset.


 Watch the Kecak Traditional Balinese Dance as a part of your tour in the Temple.



Tanah Lot are Balinese words for land and sea, respectively. Its temple sits on top of a large rock which is believed to have been shaped overtime by the movement of water.


The tourists and worshiper are approaching to the temple.





Tegalalang Rice TerracesIt’s nothing like the amphitheater that we have back in our home country but still worth a visit. You can find cheap souvenir shops around the area.


Their Chicken Saté paired with a peanut sauce sold on the streets for 10,000 rupiah/5 sticks (more or less 37 pesos) is so goooddd. It tasted authentic and it’s a must-try!


Have a taste of the most expensive coffee in the world! Kopi Luwak or Civet coffee is considered to be the most expensive coffee for its unusual method of production. Its coffee includes partly digested coffee bean, eaten and defecated by the civet cat. (1 small cup of kopi luwak is 50,000 IDR)


 Treat yourself for a wellness stay in a luxurious spa and hotel. After all, you are in Bali.


Airfare (Jogakarta to Denpasar) 407,700 IDR
Accommodation 1,000,000 IDR
Food (B,L,S,D) 1,180,000/2 =590,000I DR
Half Day Private Car Rental 400,000/2 =200,000 IDR
Transpo (taxi from Uluwatu to Tanah Lot to Ubud) 540,000/2 =270,000 IDR
Transpo (RT taxi from Ubud town to Tegalalang Rice Field) 150,000/2 = 75,000 IDR
Transpo (taxi from Ubud to Aiport): 170,000/2 =85,000 IDR
Padang-padang Beach Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR
Uluwatu Temple Entrance Fee 30,000 IDR
Kecak Dance Fee 100,000 IDR
Tanah Lot Entrance Fee 30,000 IDR
TOTAL 2,797,700 IDR or 210 USD

*Maya Ubud activity is not included

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 Uluwatu
Day 2 Uluwatu-> Tanah Lot -> Ubud
Day 3 Ubud


Follow my next trip to KOMODO ISLAND!



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