JOGJAKARTA: Chasing Sunset and Sunrise!

Photoblog (May 2016)

Before SUNSET!

img_3396Prambanan, is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most beautiful Hindu Temples in the world. It  was constructed around 850 A.D for the three great Hindu Gods-Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Getting there: TransJogja offers the cheapest form of transport to Prambanan. They have a direct trip from the Airport going to the temple via the bus number 1A. The fare is around 3,500 IDR one-way and the first trip leaves around 6AM with 20 minutes time interval.

(Make sure you hop on the bus with the right number because every bus plies a different route from one another.)


Address:  Jl. Raya Jogja – Solo Km 16, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55571
Operating hours: 6AM to 5PM
Admission fee (for FOREIGNER): Regular/Adult/ >6y.o: 18USD
                                                          Student/Children/ >6y.o: 9USD

Walking around PRAMBANAN TEMPLE: 

We were able to make it to the temple before sunset. Just in time, actually. Fresh from our MLA-KL, KL-Jogja plane ride, we arrived at the temple dead tired. HAHA!

Prambanan temple from afar is massive. Even more so when you come right in front of it. I can’t exactly tell what’s special about the temple but seeing it standing proud through time showcasing such intricate art pattern in each temple made me feel amazed for a moment.img_3394









img_6235Borobudur, is the largest buddhist temple in the world and another UNESCO World Heritage site in Jogjakarta.  It is believed that this majestic temple was built between 780 to 840 A.D during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty.

Getting there: Borobudur is an hour to 2-hour bus ride away from the main city of Jogja. Taking the provincial buses that ply the route to Borobudur is the cheapest available way to get to the place. These buses are located at Jombor Terminal which you can easily locate when you hop on a Trans-Jogja bus with a route number 2B or 2A. The fare for the TransJogja bus, is around 3,500 IDR one-way. The fare from the terminal to Borobudur is around 25,000 IDR.

img_3518Address: Jl. Badrawati, Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah 56553
Operating hours: 6AM to 5PM
Admission fee (for FOREIGNER): Regular/Adult/ >6y.o: 20USD
                                                          Student/Children/ >6y.o: 10USD

Special sunrise tour (by Manohara Resort):

Foreigners: 400.000 IDR/person
Locals : 
270.000 IDR/person
In house guest: 
250.000 IDR /person

*The tour starts at 4:30 AM. After the tour you will be offered a cup of tea/coffee, light snack and a souvenir scarf.img_6271

P.S. Arrange your tour with Manohara Hotel. The temple is situated inside the vicinity of Manohara and they are the only ones who have access to the temple before it opens for public viewing.

Let’s discover the BOROBUDUR TEMPLE: 

Borobudur is popularly visited during sunrise. This is probably because the temple offers a stunning sunrise view atop the temple. You just have to be early enough to find a good spot because the temple can really be crowded with tourists at times. This is not to exaggerate but it is probably best if you manage to get there as early as 4 AM. Please observe the beautiful transition of color in the sky. I think this makes the whole trip to Borobudur all worth it.














Airfare (KL to Jogjakarta via AirAsia): 24.5USD
Entrance fee (Prambanan/Student): 9USD
Entrance fee (Borobudur/Sunrise tour): 29.8USD
Accommodation: 1,096 php (for 2 pax divided by 2) = 11USD
Food: 14USD
Transportation (taxi, ojek, bus): 10USD
TOTAL: 98.3 USD/head (with side-trip at malioboro)

*Our airplane ticket to Bali (Jogjakarta to Bali via LionAir): 30.5USD

Author’s Note:

  • Check the weather before visiting the area.
  • Bring light snack and water during the tour.
  • Snacks are usually included in the tour package and available after the tour.
  • Wear comfortable and modest clothing.
  • Locals are approachable and kind but some still do not speak English.
  • Check the electricity PLUG here.
KOPI ARANG (charcoal coffee)! Thank you Jogjakarta for letting me taste this peculiar coffee! 🙂

Follow my next trip to  BALI!


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